Endodontist in Saint Joseph, MO

Root Canals

If your tooth is infected, endodontic treatment—a non-surgical root canal—is typically all that is needed to promote healing. For those experiencing swelling or sensitivity in your tooth or gums due to an injury, Dr. Walker is ready to ease your pain. He is highly trained and experienced in performing root canals, one of the most common and routine dental procedures.

Apicoectomy Surgery

For those times when root canals are not adequate care for an infected tooth, an apicoectomy surgery is an effective and straightforward procedure. Also known as root-end resection, an apicoectomy involves the removal of damaged tissue and the placement of a root-end filling to prevent reinfection and to bolster natural bone healing. We use dental microscopes and digital radiographs for all our procedures to ensure the highest level of surgical care.

We accept all insurances, and we are an in-network provider for Delta Dental, Aetna Dental, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KC Dental, Cigna Dental. We also welcome VA and LHI patients.